Success Stories

Industrial Plant Lighting Control


Implementation of an Automated System to control the lighting of an Industrial plant with several warehouses or sectors. The System made it possible to reduce electrical energy consumption and maintain a high safety standard.


Our client required a solution that would allow automatic control of the amount of luminaire to be turned on according to external lighting, coinciding with what is required for a modern industrial plant for the production of steel tubes.


The solution included the design, execution, installation and commissioning of:

  • Sensors, panels with Controllers, PLC and Human Machine Interface, using hardware with Siemens technology.
  • Electrical Connections to and from the Panel.
  • Installation of Photoelectric Sensors strategically placed in the warehouses that make up the plant to adjust the lighting automatically.
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) showing sensor measurements and manual and automatic controls.
  • Testing and integration.


System implementation required our team engineers to master the latest advances in Siemens technology.
The System should also have a communication interface with the electrical and control systems, be easy to use, reliable and stable since it is an essential part of the manufacturing line.


  • The System can be configured in manual or automatic mode.
  • Reduction of electrical energy costs, maintaining high safety standards and allowing the plant to certify the LEED standard.
  • Communication through the Intranet, in order to operate the lighting system remotely if necessary.