With more than 20 years of experience in the implementation of Projects of Industrial Automation, we focus in configuring the best Solution for each of our Clients' specific need. This is possible due to our experience, which has allowed us to know and implement a wide range of technologies, brands and types of products.

The main Technologies we work with as regards Industrial Automation are the following:

Instrumentation: Sensors, transmitters and transducers
    Radio link devices and communication networks
      Control panels and tables, CCM and distribution
          HMI Terminals
            Online analyzers / Vision
              • Rockwell: LOGIX, PLC5, SLC 500, MicroLogic
              • Siemens: S5, S7, alta gama. LOGO
              • Schneider: Unity, Quantum, Momentum, Premium, Micro, Twido, Nano y Zelio Logic
              • Others trademarks: ABB, Motorola, Omron, Opto-22, Mitsubishi, AEG-Modicon, GE-Fanuc, Festo, Koyo, etc.
              • Factory Talk/Arena/RSView
              • WizFactory
              • Wonderware/Archestra
              • iFix Solutions
              • WinCC
              • Taurus
              • P-CIM
              Control networks
              • Profibus
              • DeviceNet
              • ControlNet
              • Modbus
              • CanOpen
              • MPI
              • P-CIM