Turnkey Projects

As part of the Industrial Automation Services, TESIS offers the Integral Execution of Projects, focused on implementing customized solutions, for example:

  • Automation of Processes
  • Technological Solutions Integration
  • Information Systems for Production Monitoring
  • Maintenance Management Systems
  • Systems to Collect and Transmit Data
  • Robotics and Collaborative Roboctics Systems
  • Artificial Vision Systems
  • Real Time Software Applications

The execution of these Projects materializes through the creation of Multidisciplinary Professional Teams, which have the capacity to implement customized Solutions, complying with the requirements of each Industry in the various locations where we operate. Our experience in the region makes a Technology Partner with knowledge and proven expertise in the implementation of Efficient Solutions available to our Clients.

Specific Project Teams are built up according to the scope of the Project and the knowledge/experience of Professionals required for its effective execution; various profiles are assigned, among which we can mention the following:

• Managers and Project Leaders.
• Automation Engineers / SCADAs.
• Process Engineers.
• Electronic Engineers.
• Specialists in Industrial Maintenance.
• Specialists in Instrumentation and Detailed Engineering.