Maximize the efficiency of your operations and obtain a higher level of productivity with our Robotics Solutions

Backed by our extensive national and regional experience, we offer innovative solutions for industrial robotics, designed and tailored to the needs of our customers, providing efficiency, productivity and security on every project.

Today's Businesses require constant improvements to maintain their competitive advantage. Robots are becoming an increasingly popular response to perform and complete repetitive and dangerous tasks, such as: collection of parts, inspections of parts, assemblies, etc.

TESIS offers fully integrated Automation solutions through Industrial Robots and Robotic Systems. Our Solutions range in complexity from a single Robot to complete robotic materials handling systems.

The emergence of Robots is upon us, and Vision Systems provide robots with artificial intelligence that will forge the future of robotics in our increasingly globalized society.

Industrial Robotics:
TESIS provides consulting services aimed to design innovative solutions in Industrial Robotics and encouraging the continuous improvement of the variables: Productivity, Efficiency and Quality.

Industrial Robotics Solutions:
We provide programming and integration solutions in:
• Choosing and Placing
• Welding
• Material Handling
• Machine Laying
• Packaging and Palletizing
• Vision Solutions
• Quality Inspection
• Analysis and Laboratory Tests
• Training

Main Technologies:
Robots and Collaborative Robots from: ABB, Motoman, KUKA, Universal Robots, Fanuc, etc.