About us



It is a Global Company dedicated to providing Professional IT Services, Industrial Automation and Outsourcing, adapted to the needs of each Client.

Our services help our Clients to optimize the use of technology and its resources, improving their competitiveness and meeting the growing market demand.

We have more than 20 years of experience and we use all the experience obtained by adapting ourselves to the specific realities of each country and industry, transferring know-how, work methodologies and development strategies already proven, to design Solutions and Services adjusted to the need of each Client.

We have operations throughout the Americas, with offices in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and Canada. We currently have more than 300 professionals specialized in IT Services and Industrial Automation.

We generate long-term relationships with our Clients, and we are committed to the success of each one of them in their businesses, helping them from technology to evolve and grow in the market.


Honesty and Integrity are fundamental factors that we respect in each of the actions we carry out in the relationship with our Clients, our Employees, and with the Market in general.

We strive to ensure efficiency, technical excellence and quality in the Services and Solutions we provide, to help our Clients to be more successful in their businesses.

Our main asset are our Employees and the Work Teams that they make up. Under this concept we help them to develop and reach their maximum potential.

Our reputation is an important capital that we were able to obtain after many years of experience, and in this sense we make sure to fulfill our promises with commitment and responsibility.

We take challenges, face them and conquer them, always having a positive attitude.

We promote respect for diversity and for each person who makes up our Team, promoting a positive, optimistic, cheerful and comfortable Work Environment.


Provide high value to our Clients, positioning ourselves as their main technological advisor, recommending the best Solution to address each particular problem, using for this all our experience and trajectory obtained in the different Industries and geographies where we operate.

Establish long-term relationships with our Clients, growing together with them and accompanying them to face the challenges that the market proposes every day.

Maximize the capabilities of our Professionals, their experience and knowledge, through continuous training and sharing the Know How obtained in the different geographies where we operate.

Maintain our Team, and attract the best professionals in each technology from the market, in order to be the best Service provider for our Clients.

Ensure the quality and continuous improvement of our Services, Solutions and Processes.

Keep us permanently updated in a market that evolves day by day, making sure that we can offer each Client the best Technological Solution available to meet each need.