Software Factory

As part of the Information Technology (IT) Counseling Services, our Software Factory allows our Clients to obtain an increase in productivity and a great reduction in costs.

The technological needs of the business processes are not always resolved with standard software packages available in the market; for that, we offer all our regional experience in the Development of Customized Technological Solutions.

The Services we offer from the TESIS Software Factory can include the integral execution of a Project or be part of any of the Stages of a Solution Development Process, such as:

• Functional Analysis
• Technical Design of the Solution
• Development of Applications and/or Components
• Unit and/or Integral Tests
• Software Performance and Stress Tests
• Implementations
• Post-Productive Maintenance (corrective and evolutionary)

Advantages of TESIS Software Factory:


Regional Experience

Our regional experience in predicting the terms and costs of the Project.


Increased Productivity

An increase in productivity through the use of design and programming standards which simplify the subsequent maintenance.