Professional Services

In order to build a Work Team to provide Outsourcing of Professional Services to a Client, TESIS evaluates in detail the profile and abilities of the Professionals required for every need. We have a Team of Professionals with a wide experience in Architecture, Application Development, Measurement and Control Systems, Automation, Engineering, Project Management, Processes Reengineering, and IT Counseling.

Our experience of more than 20 years in each of these areas of knowledge and the efficacy offering this Service to our Clients allow us to assure that the advantages of Outsourcing Professional Services are really effective.

Outsourcing Advantages


Focus on the Business

At TESIS, we are aware that specialization is the key to successfully compete in the global market. We help our Clients focus on their business, providing Professional Teams with the technological knowledge required for every need.


Efficient Management of Work Peaks

Through the network of Offices located in the various countries where we operate, and a database that is constantly updated, at TESIS we have the capacity to efficiently respond to the demand of peak workload of our Clients, looking for the best form of service for each case with the purpose of covering any need that may arise.


Reduction of Costs

The services we offer at TESIS allow an effective reduction in costs as regards the search, recruitment, and training of Professionals, as well as the management of Human Resources and the financing of related costs.