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Why outsource software development in Argentina?



In recent years, software creators have dealt with ever-increasing development demands. Software and applications have become big business priorities, and are being used in nearly every industry today. As a result, developers are having a hard time keeping up with users’ needs, and have turned to outsourcing to help address the issue.
In many cases, outsourcing software development is considerably beneficial. It enables a development organization to partner with experts in other parts of the globe to ensure that all software projects get the attention they deserve.

As this approach has become more popular, a few regions have emerged as the top places to send outsourced development projects. One of which is Argentina, represented by Making Sense and myself with the Red IT Argentina Software Chamber office. This nation is becoming a premiere location for outsourcing, and here’s why:


Argentina ranks on the global talen index

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Talent Index Report, Argentina is one of 60 countries recognized based on its “capacity for developing, attracting and retaining talent,” making these locations important parts of the global economy. Analysts projected their research for 2015, ranking Argentina in the 32nd place on the list. The country received a 46.2 score out of 100, ranking just below China, and above nations including Russia, India and Turkey.

Overall, the study found that Argentina is a leading location in Latin America. Although the study ranks a country’s ability to encourage and develop talent in general, this has considerable meaning when it comes to software development. Many product initiatives require specialized skills, and those looking to outsource their projects must be sure that the company they are partnering with has the employees with the necessary capabilities. As Argentina ranks on the list, it illustrates that development organizations in the region likely have considerably skilled employees who can offer the talent businesses are looking for. This makes it a more ideal location to outsource development projects over other regions that did not make the list.


Low costs relative to high quality

Cost is a main concern for any project, including outsourced software development. Computing Weekly’s Arif Mohamed noted that Argentina has both low market and labor costs. While there are other countries that can offer lower costs, projects outsourced to Argentina are not expensive considering the level of quality. This point, combined with the country’s ranking on the Global Talent Index, helps ensure that the project is handled by experts who will deliver a high-value product that doesn’t break the bank.

Mohamed pointed out that Argentina also has a considerably large labor pool. This means there is more than enough talent to go around, and companies won’t have to scramble to find a partner that can assist them with their outsourced development needs.


The labor force includes a solid base of technically savvy and well-educated workers, particularly programmers, ready for work at a reasonable price